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Estate Liquidation



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We will soon be offering Estate Liquidation and Auction Services. We will offer this service for those who need to move and sale large amounts of currency including Rare US Historical currency, Old or rare Paper Money, US coins, gold bullion, silver bullion valuable gemstones such as diamonds and more.

We will work hard at getting the most money for your items, and doing it fast! Our service is one we provide with a lot of passion and hard work, because we truly enjoy what we do. We are a team of professionals that have a love for this kind of work. We provide online auctioning for US Historical Currency including paper money and coins, Precious Metals and loose gemstones. Not only can we manage the online auctioning of your items, but we can offer "Set Pricing" sells if you prefer to sale your items for specific, set prices.

Handling a loved one's estate or needing to liquidate your own personal assets can be a difficult and emotional task. Our priority is to liquidate only specific items in which we specialize in, because we will only work with what we know. you not only deserve, but need a professional with a specific are of experience. We feel that your best interest is in hiring a professional that specializes in specific items, because in doing so, the person you hire brings that experience and skill-set to the table... resulting in the most profit possible for your items being sold.

While we are not "Traditional Auctioneers", we do have experience in online auctions, which we feel is the new-age era of auctions. online auctions do not require a license, but experience is a must. Online auctions can potentially bring more bidders to your sale items, as it allows people to bid on your Estate items LIVE, without having to travel across the country to do so. Traditional auction houses generally only cater to a very specific, and typically small geographical location, such as a specific city, and a few surrounding zip codes. Online auctions on the other hand, have the ability to bring in customers from all over the world! We will reach customers in various online auction sites, as well as multiple social media platforms.

Throughout the liquidation process, your sale items will be treated with respect. Our goal is to provide you with a professional liquidation and to help eliminate any of the unwanted stress normally associated with such situations. We will manage every aspect of this procedure, from taking inventor, setting up SKU numbers to identify your items, researching going rates and specific item history/information, accurately setting up the online auction listings in advance, providing adequate amounts of online advertising to draw in world-wide customers, collecting payment for the items once sold, and even ship your sold items to your buyers for you!

By choosing Guardian Services to manage your Currency, Precious Metals and Gemstone Estate Sales, you are choosing a hassle free, full service Sales company to fully manage every aspect of your estate Currencies and Precious metals.


  • US Historical Currency
  • Rare / Vintage US Currency / Paper Money
  • US Coin Lots
  • Rare / Collectible Paper Money
  • NON - Monetized Foreign Currencies
  • Gold, Silver & Copper Bullion
  • Loose Diamonds and other Gemstones
  • Prestigious, Valuable (NON Antique) Jewelry items

Our services cost on average, approximately a FLAT RATE of 20% of the GROSS selling price. Any advertising expenses tat are incurred, are taken out of our percentage of income from your sale. Beyond that, your additional expenses would include the cost of shipping, handling, preparations and document expenses. There are no other hidden expenses, or surcharges of any kind.

While we are not fully set-up for this service yet, we are capable of handing small size Estate Liquidation sales if you are in urgent need of our services. Contact our office for more information if you need something sold in a hurry.