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Lowest Price Iraqi Dinar

Its Time For Some Patriotic Love!
*** Free Gold & Silver Bars With Qualifying Purchases! ***

This Sale Starts At 12:01am EST, Friday June 30th
Sale Ends Wednesday Night, July 5th at 11:59pm EST
There Will Be NO Extensions Past The Posted Expiration Date!

   This sale is Subject To ALL normal sale policies listed below.

During  check-out, remember to include in the comment box, any authorized bonuses including your choice of free currency bonus, if applicable.  If you do not comment your choice of optional bonuses at the time of check-out, we will make any applicable selections for you based on the pricing level, and items included in your purchase.

Receive THREE Renewals Of Your Entire Paid Order!
*Subject to standard renewal policies, does not include metals or currencies.

1st RENEWAL CODE:   JulyOne
*Save 25% off your renewal order!

2nd RENEWAL CODE:   JulyTwo
*Save 30% off your renewal order!

3rd RENEWAL CODE:   JulyThree
*Save 35% off your renewal order!

SPECIAL NOTE:   During past sales, we have experienced issues with some members attempting to misuse coupon codes, applying them out of order, and using them more than the authorized amount of uses.  THIS BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED DURING THIS SALE!   Members who are discovered to misuse coupon codes, or to have intentionally used them more than the authorized number of uses, may be subjected to being excluded from all future sales, and future discounts.

Select your coupon based on the dollar amount of your purchase.  The more you spend, the greater your savings!  After filling your online shopping cart with everything you wish to purchase, come back to this page to determine which coupon code you are eligible to use.  Choose your coupon code by finding the dollar amount of your purchase on the list of code below, and then use the coupon code to the right of your purchase price.

MATCHING ORDERS:  Your matching bonus layaways will be for the same type of currency, and the same length of time/duration as your purchased layaway.  EXAMPLE:  If your paid order is for a 30 Day Vietnam Dong layaway, then your matching bonus will also be for a 30 Day Vietnam Dong layaway.  Bonuses are for the same amount of currency, and length of time.

    JULY 4th SALE COUPON CODES:   Valid ONLY Towards Layaway Services
  • SPEND $25 - $149:    July10     (Saves 10% off layaway order)
  • SPEND $150 - $699:    July20     (Saves 20% off layaway order)
  • SPEND $700 - $1,299:    July25     (Saves 25% off layaway order)
  • SPEND $1,300 - $2,399:    July30     (Saves 30% off layaway order)
  • SPEND $2,400   +   :     July40     (Saves 40% off layaway order)

    • BONUS GROUP # 1:
    • Buy 3 Layaways:   Receive 1x  Matching LayAway
    • Buy 5 LayAways:  Receive 3x  Matching LayAway

    • BONUS GROUP # 2:  Gold & Silver Bonuses
    • For EVERY $250 You Spend:   Receive 1x  1oz   .999 Pure Silver Bar
    • For EVERY $500 You Spend:   Receive 1x  1 Gram  24K Solid Gold Ingot


    Iraqi dinar layaway     Zimbabwe trillions for sale

    * These gold & silver bars are genuine, pure and solid precious metal bars. These are not gold clad, or silver palted bars and ingots... these are the REAL DEAL, and you will receive them with qualifying purchases during this sale!   The actual Mint manufacturer and type of Silver / Gold issued may differ depending on available inventory.  However, the exact weight & purity of Gold and Silver will be issued as advertised, and without compromise.
    (For example, we reserve the right to replace a 1oz Bar of Silver with a 1oz Silver coin)

    BONUS GROUP # 3:

  • SPEND $25:  Receive   1x  7 Day  LayAway
    + Choice Of:   200 VND / 50 IQD / 3 ZWD / 5 CNY

  • SPEND $50:  Receive   2x  7 Day  LayAway
    + Choice Of:   500 VND / 250 IQD / 5 ZWD / 5 CNY

  • SPEND $100:  Receive   1x  15 Day  LayAway
    + Choice Of:   5,000 VND / 500 IQD / 10 ZWD / 10 CNY

  • SPEND $150:  Receive   2x  15 Day  LayAway
    + Choice Of:   10,000 VND / 1,000 IQD / 20 ZWD / 10 CNY

  • SPEND $250:  Receive  1x  30 Day  LayAway
    + Choice Of:   20,000 VND / 2,500 IQD / 5,000 ZWD / 15 CNY

  • SPEND $350:  Receive   1x  15 Day  LayAway   +  2x 30 Day LayAway
    + Choice Of:   40,000 VND / 5,000 IQD / 1 Million ZWD / 20 CNY

  • SPEND $450:  Receive  2x  30 Day  +  1x 60 Day LayAway
    + Choice Of:   50,000 VND / 7,500 IQD / 100 Million ZWD / 50 CNY

  • SPEND $650:  Receive  3x  30 Day  +  2x 45 Day LayAway  +  1x 60 Day LayAway
    + Choice Of:   90,000 VND / 10,000 IQD / 200 Million ZWD / 100 CNY

  • SPEND $700:  Receive  3x  30 Day   +  2x 60 Day LayAway
    + Choice Of:   100,000 VND / 15,000 IQD / 300 Million ZWD / 120 CNY

  • SPEND $800:  Receive  3x  30 Day  +  3x 45 Day LayAway  +  3x 60 Day LayAway
    + Choice Of:   150,000 VND / 20,000 IQD / 20 Billion ZWD / 150 CNY

  • SPEND $950:  Receive   2x  30 Day  +  2x  60 Day  +  1x  90 Day LayAway
    + Choice Of:   200,000 VND / 25,000 IQD / 500 Billion ZWD / 200 CNY

  • SPEND $1,200:  Receive  3x  30 Day  +  3x 45 Day LayAway  +  3x 60 Day LayAway   +  2x 90 Day LayAway
    + Choice Of:   300,000 VND / 50,000 IQD / 10 Trillion ZWD / 500 CNY

  • SPEND $1,450:  Receive   4x  30 Day  +  3x  60 Day  +  3x  90 Day LayAway
    + Choice Of:   750,000 VND / 100,000 IQD / 20 Trillion ZWD / 700 CNY

  • SPEND $1,850:  Receive 3x  60 Day  +  4x  90 Day  +  2x  120 Day LayAway
    + Choice Of:   1 Million VND / 150,000 IQD / 50 Trillion ZWD / 1,000 CNY

  • SPEND $2,250:  Receive 3x  60 Day  +  4x  90 Day  +  3x  120 Day LayAway
    + Choice Of:   2 Million VND / 200,000 IQD / 100 Trillion ZWD / 1,500 CNY

  • SPEND $2,650:  Receive 5x  60 Day  +  5x  90 Day  +  4x  120 Day LayAway  +  1x  180 Day LayAway
    + Choice Of:   3 Million VND / 250,000 IQD / 300 Trillion ZWD / 2,000 CNY

  • SPEND $3,350:  Receive 6x  30 Day  +  7x  60 Day  +  7x  90 Day  +  5x  120 Day LayAway  +  2x  180 Day LayAway
    + Choice Of:   5 Million VND / 500,000 IQD / 500 Trillion ZWD / 3,000 CNY


  • Renewal may be done anytime BEFORE the expiration of your Longest Layaway.
  • Your order MUST be renewed NO LATER THAN the Expiration Date of your Longest Layaway.
  • You MUST make a purchase through THIS SALE to use the 50% off renewal coupon code.
  • Your "Order Number" from your purchase during the sale, will be your renewal "Authorization Number".
  • When renewing your purchase, you MUST write your this "order number" in the comment box during check-out.
  • Your renewal order WILL include all Bonus Layaway orders that were included with your sale bonuses.
  • Your renewal will NOT include the Gold, Silver, or Copper that was included with the sale bonuses.
  • Your renewal order will include any regularly advertised free samples.
  • Your 50% renewal discount will be deducted from our normal item price, not the sale discount price.
  • Your renewal order MUST be the EXACT SAME Layaway as your sale purchase.
      EXAMPLE:  If your sale purchase is 2x  30 Million / 60 Day Dinar, your renewal MUST be the same purchase

The discounts offered through this sale are not valid with any other type of discount, or custom pricing agreements. Coupon codes, store credits, store rewards points, recurring order discounts, special group pricing, and other private, or special pricing discounts are NOT valid towards the purchase of discounted prices for items on sale. You may choose only one type of discount to apply.

Not all currencies are on sale at this time. Any currency that is on sale, will be marked down to its approved sale price in its relative category on this website. The discount coupons shown on this page are not valid towards the purchase of currency, metal bullion, or other merchandise items sold on this site. Purchases containing currency and layaway in the same transaction where a discount coupon code is used, will NOT display the correct price in the shopping cart during check-out. The discount coupon code is authorized ONLY towards the purchase of layaway services. Currency, bullion, upgraded shipping services, and services other than layaway, are not authorized for purchase with the use of a coupon code during this sale.

PRICE LEVELS FOR PRECIOUS METAL BONUS ARE VERY STRICTLY ENFORCED.   If your order total should come in at $149.99, then you would qualify ONLY for the bonus precious metals within the $100 - $149.99 price range.   In an effort to keep all sale bonuses fair for all members, and because of the high prices of precious metals, we will NOT be able to bump up your bonuses in connection with these items.   If you wish to receive the metals from a different bonus category, then you will need to purchase additional items in order to qualify for the bonuses within that bonus level.

If you purchase layaway services and physical currency in one transaction, and use a discount coupon for your sale discount, we will manually adjust the final sale price prior to processing your payment. The coupon code discount will be applied only towards your layaway service, and your final balance due will reflect this adjustment. If you are paying by Check, or Money Order, we will email you the correct amount due for your purchase. If you are paying by Credit/Debit card, the final price of your purchase will be adjusted on our end before we process your payment. This new balance will will be reflected on your billing statement from your bank, and will be emailed to your with your confirmation email.  Credit/Debit card payments are NOT accepted for Monetized currency purchases, and may be used to pay for NON-monetized currency, and Lay-Away payments ONLY. A payment processing fee of 4% will be added to all purchases of physical currency where your chosen payment method is a Credit/Debit Card.

IQD = Iraqi Dinar
VND = Vietnamese Dong
ZWD = Zimbabwe Dollar
CNY = Chinese Yuan
INR = India Rupee