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Renewing Orders

You've been asking for it, now it's finally here, We proudly Present - Recurring Billing!

No more hassle of needing to remember when to make your next purchase, with Automated recurring billing service, we've got you covered!  You simply make your purchase one time, and with your first order, we'll send you our payment authorization form to get you set up with hassle free order renewals... The rest is literally hands free, and hassle free!

You can use our automated order renewal service for nearly any and every product or service we offer.  Rather you're purchasing small amounts of paper currency outright, or paying for large purchases over a sustained period of time, our hassle free Auto-Renewal convenience service can save you money and time.

CURRENCY RENEWALS:  AKA - Currency Monthly Club
If you would like to have a specified amount of currency sent to you each month, or every couple of months, we can set you up for our automated renewal service, and make your purchasing easier than ever before. You decide how much currency you want to purchase each billing cycle, and how often you want that billing cycle to be... We do the rest, every time!  Each billing cycle, we'll automatically process your order, and ship your currency to you without you even having to log into the website for ANY reason whatsoever! We'll even send you a reminder notice each billing cycle to let you know that your account has been charged, and that your currency is in its way. That's about has hands-free as it gets. But to make the offer even better, by purchasing your currency using Auto-Renewals, you will save an extra 5% off of our regular currency prices, without the need of a sale!

If you would prefer to purchase larger amount of currency using our already convenient Layaway service, you can save even more money by getting signed up for HUGE savings, using out Auto-Renewal Service.  You decide the amount currency you want to place on layaway, and the length of term for each layaway billing cycle, and we do the rest.  Each billing cycle, we will automatically renew and process your layaway order at 12 Midnight, the very next day after your expiration date. Because our layaway orders always expire at 11:59pm EST, you will literally never experience a gap, or lose benefits of your Layaway order using our Auto-Renewal Services.  This means you can keep your layway running for as long as it takes to pay off your currency purchase, and never risk losing the money you've paid!

Each billing cycle, we'll automatically process your Layaway order, and ship your Layaway renewal docs to you, along with your free currency, and all without you even having to log into the website for ANY reason whatsoever!  Just like the currency renewal service, we will email you a reminder notice each billing cycle to let you know that your account has been charged, and that your Layaway order is in the mail.  But it gets even better!...

By using our Auto-Renewal service for your Layaway order purchasing, we'll award you with a PERMANENT discount of 20% off of our regular priced layaway service fees! So if the regular price for your Layaway is $300, you'll save $60 EVERY billing cycle!  That's $60 back in YOUR pocket, and you had to do even less work to do it.

First of all, automated renewal services will require your payment to be made using a credit/debit card, so we'll have to have your written permission to have all of that on file.  To get started, simply select on of the already available layaway services in the on the website.  Add the selected items to your shopping cart, and complete your purchase normally.  During the check-out procedure, be sure to comment in the comment box, and state that you are aware that this transaction is for auto-renewal, and auto-matic payments... Without that comment being added, we will not be able to process your order until we contact you in advance.

Once you complete your purchase, We will mail you the form payment authorization form to you for you to complete and sign.  Simply fill out the form, and mail it back to us at the address shown below.  By the time your first Layaway expires, you'll be set, and ready to go. From that point on, we'll conduct the entire transaction process for you, there's literally nothing more for you to do but open your mail box, and collect your orders that we mail to you.

THE EASY WAY TO AUTO-PAY...   Simply purchase any Layaway service we offer online in ANY of the Currency layaway categories, they all qualify for this money saving service, that's free to use!  During the payment process for your auto-renewal order, use the coupon code below and the automatic savings will instantly be applied just as easily as your future order renewals... Go on, Give it A try!


Save 20% On Layaway Renewals, Using Coupon Code:   Layaway20
Save 5% On Currency Renewals, Using Coupon Code:    Currency5

SPECIAL NOTE:   Use of these coupon codes REQUIRES you that agree to use your Auto-Renewal Service for at least two (2) full billing cycles.  Your first billing cycle is today (your starting date).  Your our second billing cycle will be your first "auto-renewal" date.  After your first renewal date, you can cancel your auto-renewal at any time AFTER your second auto-renewal payment.  After your initial purchase, YOU MUST COMPLETE AT LEAST ONE (1) AUTOMATED RENEWAL PAYMENT BEFORE CANCELALTION!

But What If You Want To Cancel?   Then simply cancel... No problem!  You can cancel your auto-renewal at anytime after your first auto-renewal payment.  This isn't a contract, and you're not obligated in any capacity to continue your auto-renewals.  As long as we receive your requested cancellation within 24 hours prior to your automated billing cycle date, your order will be cancelled, and you will not be charged for that billing cycle.  If you cancel your reorder billing after the 24 hour window however, your re-billing would still be charged that billing cycle, and your cancellation would be applied the following billing cycle.

For Layaway orders, your layaway will automatically renew the day after the scheduled expiration. If you choose a 30 Day auto-renewal layaway, then your layaway will renew every 30 Calendar days, regardless of what day your expiration date falls one!  never again will you have to miss a renewal because of a Holiday, a weekend, or from just plain forgetting... Imagine, never having to consciously time your layaway orders again!  Never having to keep schedule, wonder what day they expire, and live in constant fear of losing the benefits that you've put into each previous layaway!


If you allow your layaway to lapse, and for some reason forget to renew your layaway order without making a manual renewal of services, you risk losing ALL benefits of pricing, all benefits of any installment Payments you've submitted towards your payoff... With just one small oversight, it could all be gone with just the stroke of the minute hand on a clock.

IMPORTANT POLICY NOTIFICATION:   Customers that may REPEATEDLY use this service just to receive the coupon code, then cancel their order, MAY be subject to term, and policy cancellation.  Members that abuse the freedom of cancellation policy and become suspect of repeatedly using the coupon code and then cancelling their orders prior to renewal, will be subject to Membership cancellation, and/or term cancellation without refund.  Additionally, Members whom are suspect of abusing this policy just for the 20% savings, will be banned from using the renewal coupon codes with future purchases.

Buying From Us Has NEVER Been Easier!

Mail Payment Authorization Forms To:

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