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LayAway Policies

Updated on June 6th, 2017

Our Flexpay Service offers you the flexibility and freedom to pay for your purchase on your schedule, and budget.  There are no required payment schedules, or minimum payment requirements amounts.  You are in full control to pay how much you like, when you like...  Your schedule, and your budget, as long as your payments are received by the layaway expiration date, you will receive whatever amount of currency for which you have submitted payment.  You are not required to complete the payoff of your layaway in full to receive your purchased currency either.  Whatever amount of currency you do successfully pay for, will be delivered to you at the end of your layaway term, or after each individual installment Payment... the choice is yours.

Your Flexpay service or Layaway will NOT be validated until your payment is received, and has cleared payment processing.  Layaway Service fee payments are due NO LATER THAN 7 calendar days of the date of purchase of your layaway service.  Payments NOT received within 7 calendar days of purchase will void your Flexpay agreement and layaway service.  We reserve the right to cancel ANY Layaway order AT ANY TIME AND WITHOUT NOTICE, if your payment for the Service fee has not yet been received.  It is extremely important to mail your payment as soon as possible after completing your layaway purchase.

The service fee is the price you pay to start your layaway service.  The service fee is NOT in any way or amount, applied towards the payment of your currency purchase. The service fee is the fee that we get paid for the time put into the management of your layaway service.  The service fee is a ONE TIME payment, and will not change throughout the entire duration of your layaway service.

Service Fee payments may be made by either US Postal Money Order, Certified Bank Check, Bank Money Order, Personal Checks (from approved members), or even by Credit/Debit cards. 

The Installment Payment is the payment that you will send in during the active time of your layaway purchase, made towards the payoff of the currency being purchased through your layaway.  The Installment Payment is 100% applied towards the payoff of your currency purchase through your layaway.  If you submit an Installment Payment of $50 USD a couple of days after paying your Layaway Service fee, then we will apply your $50 payment IN FULL towards your currency payoff.  There are no processing charges or hidden deductions that will be applied against your Installment Payments,  you will get full credit for 100% of each Installment payment that you submit towards your purchase.

Installment payments for layaway purchases MUST be made by either US Postal Money Order, Certified Bank Check, Bank Money Order, or even by Personal Checks (from approved members).  Installment payments may NOT be paid by Credit/Debit card if your total currency payoff amount exceeds $1,000 USD for the entire currency layaway order.

To ensure you receive the displayed payoff of your currency purchase, ALL Layaway installment Payments MUST be received NO LATER THAN 11:59pm EST of your layaway expiration date.  Unpaid currency that remains unpaid by this time, will become voided from your Flexpay agreement in all manners and respects.  You will not be obligated to pay that any balance for remaining unpaid currency that becomes voided at the expiration time.

If you have a remaining balance due on your layaway and would like more time to complete your Installment Payments, you may choose to renew the layaway service at a discounted rate from the original Service Fee price.  Your Renewal Service will receive a price discount of 25% off your original Service Fee. This one-time discount will be applied to all subsequent renewals of the same order. The discount will not be multiplied with each new renewal, but rather will become the new price of each continued renewal.

Renewing your layaway service will provide a limited and specified extension of time to your layaway expiration date so that you may continue making payments towards your currency Layaway.  You may extend your layaway service simply by choosing from any of the available Flexpay Service times.  You may continue to renew your layaway as many times as you need to complete your payoff installment payments, and ensure the payoff price remains unaffected.  However your renewal discount rate will remain the same for each new renewal.  You are required to keep the same type of currency as your original service so that you can continue to payoff your currency purchase.

If you wish to extend and renew your layaway, you must complete the renewal order NO LATER THAN 11:59pm on the expiration date of your layaway service you are wishing to renew.  There will be no grace periods authorized or permitted for missing an expiration renewal date.  We will not send notifications of your approaching expiration dates, this is your responsibility to keep track of these dates as they approach. 

When renewing layaway Flexpay service, be sure to include your original "Order Number" in the comment section AT THE TIME OF CHECKOUT!  Failure to include your original Order Number AT THE TIME OF CHECK-OUT, will cause your purchase to be processed as a New Order and not as a renewal order!  Once you purchase a new order, we will NOT be able to make it retroactive to your original Flexpay Layaway Service.

EXAMPLE:  If your original Service Fee was $100 USD, then all future renewals of that same order will be discounted by $25, making your renewal price, $75 per renewal. (This discount does NOT apply towards new purchases having a different order number).

When you submit each installment payment for your currency in layway, you may choose to either have that portion of currency that is paid off to be shipped to you after your payment is processed, or to have your paid currency to be shipped collectively at the end of your layaway service.  To receive your foreign currency disbursement at the time of each Installment Payment rather then at the end of your layaway term, you will need to submit a written request for immediate disbursement of currency along with each installment payment.  To do this, simply include a written message when submitting your Installment Payment, along with a second written request by email.  Include your "Order Number" in the email subject line, along with your name and contact information.

Currency disbursements will be processed and delivered only AFTER your Installment Payment has cleared per our posted payment policies.  After your payment has cleared the required payment processing time, we will then process your order, record the serial numbers, and then discretely ship your currency to you.  This entire process can take UP TO 10-15 BUSINESS DAYS depending on the size of your order, the number of BUSINESS days in each work week, and how busy our day-to-day operations are at that time.


We reserve the right to reject, refuse or otherwise deny, without explanation and without compensation, any payment from any Bank or Financial Institution whom we deem to be an organization with which we prefer to not do business with.

We accept the following types of payment methods for Lay-Away pay-offs:
  • US Postal Money Orders
  • Bank Money Orders
  • Certified bank Checks (Cashiers Checks)

ALL Lay-Away pay-offs require your order to be paid with cleared payment prior to your order being processed.  All payments for lay-away pay-offs are subject to the same payment clearing times as posted for other purchases.

Unfortunately, we can not accept a currency to currency exchange as your form of payment for completion of Layaway purchases. In other words, we will not accept foreign currency as payment for your layaway service of foreign currency. You must use the same methods and types of payment for layaway payments, as used for all other purchases.


Although the Service Fee is NOT eligible for a refund under any circumstances, your Installment Payments may qualify for a refund if they meet the following refund requirements.

Requirements For Installment Payment Refund:
1).  Your Flexpay Service Fee payment must have been received within the seven day payment deadline.
2).  All affected payments must have successfully cleared bank processing.
3).  Your request must have been submitted by email to the link provided.
4).  Your request must have been received no later than 11:59pm EST on the day of your layaway expiration date.
5).  You must return any and all items of value, including but not limited to any/all Currencies and/or precious metals that you received in connection with the order being refunded.

If you request a refund of any installment payments, IT WILL BE REQUIRED that any/all currency and/or precious metals that may have been delivered to you, be returned to our office completely intact prior to your refund being approved and processed.  If your refund is eligible and approved, the amount of your refund will be subject to any/all deductions being made for reimbursement of any in-store credits, referral points, and/or rewards points that were used towards your Installment Payments being refunded.

Any/All returned currency must be the EXACT SAME currency that was delivered by us, and not just the same type and amount of currency.  The currency returned to us MUST have the same identical serial numbers that we have recorded on file for your purchase.  Additional deductions may be applied to your refund in the event there had been any currency and/or precious metals that were not returned per our posted policy, or for items returned that have been damaged and therefore have lost face value through circulation.


  1. A full refund of your eligible Installment Payments.
  2. In-Store credit equal to the amount of your refund.
  3. Your refund may also be applied towards the payment of currency.

To request a refund in writing, through Email  (Click Here).

If your eMail browser does not support that link, send your refund request to:  Support@cheapestdinar.com
Your Subject line for the email MUST read "Refund Request Order #:  ####"

REMINDER:  Requests for a refund of your Installment Payments not time stamped as being received by 11:59pm EST of your layaway expiration date, will result in your request for refund being denied and your refund will be forfeited.