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About Us

Money Services Business (hereinafter “MSB”) Disclaimer:
We are NOT a "Money Service Business" company, or organization. Please be advised that Cheapest Dinar and/or its affiliates (hereinafter Cheapest Dinar, PayDay Currencies and/or Guardian Services (Guardian Svcs) ) will not conduct currency exchanges of any kind for our members, or the general public. We will NOT conduct money transfer, or exchange services of any kind, as defined by federal and state regulation. We do not transmit physically, or digitally, or convert currencies from one type of currency to another. In other words, we will not provide the service of you giving us one type of currency, in direct exchange for another type of currency when that transaction is done so with the intent of exchanging currencies at market or exchange rates. As a result, this also means that we do not purchase currencies directly from our members.

Cheapest Dinar, and/or Guardian Services is not an MSB company. See 31 CFR 1010.100(ff). Cheapest Dinar, and/or Guardian Services is also not a financial institution. See 31 CFR 1010.100(t). Cheapest Dinar, and/or Guardian Services services are limited only to the retail, or internet sale of rare and/or collectible foreign and domestic currencies, stamps, coins, and other similar collectible items as a hobbyist company conducting sale of collectible currencies, and other collectibles.

All the information on this website is published in good faith and for general information purposes only. We do not make any warranties as to the completeness, up-to-date posting of information, reliability and/or complete accuracy of this information. Where applicable, any information we may post, share, communicate, provide or otherwise distribute, is done so only as our personal opinion, and should not be taken as advice, instruction and/or suggestions. Any action you take upon the information on our website is strictly at your own risk. We are not liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with your use of this website, financial or otherwise. Additionally, you hereby agree to hold us both financially and legally harmless for any damages or loss you may incur or experience as a result of using our website.

We are not a currency exchange, we are not a bank, we are not an investment agency, and we are not a direct currency importer. We are simply a collectible/hobbyist currency seller, or dealer.

While we do not purchase currencies directly from the general public, we do offer the service of matching our members with other members who may have an interest in purchasing various currencies that we may not offer. We do offer this service at no charge to our members, but we will not conduct the transaction on their behalf. Additionally, we accept no liability, or responsibility for the actions or statements of either party in such a situation.

Cheapest Dinar is the name of our website, and a very catchy name it is. However, we humbly admit that our name by no means promises, or offers any kind of guarantee that we offer the cheapest dinar currency. In fact, some of our prices are indeed a little higher than our competitors, and we realize this. Sometimes, its the value in service and individual attention we offer that matters more than price, and we like to believe that our value is within our service.

Some of our favorite collectible currencies include the Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, Zimbabwe Dollars, Indian Rupee, Afghanistan Afghani Chinese Yuan, Arabian Dirham, and various early style US currencies, US currency Certificates and promissory notes.

We will consider the purchase of various collectible items from our members, and other vendors that may have items for sale of a nature similar to our specific interests. Such items we, or our members may be interested in include fine jewels, precious metals, collectible artistic bonds and/or certificates, artistic currency note related items and other items of similar interest.

We do not claim, indicate or suggest there will ever be a currency Rv (Revalue / revaluation), or a re-denomination of any currency that we offer or sell. While the currencies we offer/sell are real/authentic currencies, they are indeed collectible currencies are are sold strictly as such. Some of the currencies we offer or sell or no longer in use within their country of origin, and have absolutely no monetary value, other than their specific collectible value. An example of such currency is the Zimbabwe Dollar, which is not believed by us to be in use within the country of Zimbabwe at this time. Additionally, we do not not claim, indicate or suggest that the Zimbabwe Dollar currency will ever be re-instituted, or reactivated as a valid currency within Zimbabwe at anytime.

We are not an investment company and no information on this site or any document shall be misconstrued as investment advice, as investment materials, or as an investment opportunity. All currency sold on our site is sold strictly for collectible purposes only. We do not claim, suggest nor promise financial gain from purchasing any currency, any service, or any other item that we offer or sell.

Our currency is not to be used, nor purchased with the intention of using it as an investment, or for investment purposes of any kind. By purchasing our currencies, products, or lay-away services, you hereby agree to not use our currencies or services for investment purposes or opportunities of any kind. Furthermore, you hereby agree hold Cheapest Dinar, Payday Currencies, Guardian Services, it's Owners, employees and or agents harmless against any and all financial and legal liability, and/or responsibility as a result of your misuse of our products and/or services.

MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE AND ARE WAITING FOR A IRAQI DINAR REVALUATION. BE IT KNOWN TO THESE PERSONS that we do not claim, indicate, promise, elude to, nor suggest there will ever be an Iraqi Dinar Rv (revaluation), a Dinar re-denomination, or any other kind of revalue, or increase in value of the Iraqi Dinar currency! WE STRONGLY BELIEVE THE SAME concerning any and all other currencies that we may offer, or sell. We are not an investment company and no information on this site or any document shall be misconstrued as investment advice, and our currencies are not sold for, and should not be purchased for investment purposes or opportunities.

All Lay Away services are sold for the intention and purpose of the buyer completing the currency purchase. All currency is sold strictly for collectible purposes only. Our currency and Lay-Away service is not to be used with the intention of investment purposes, investment reasons or with intentions of investments of any kind. By purchasing our Lay-Away service, you hereby agree to not use said service for investment purposes, and to hold us harmless against legal recourse for misuse of said service.

BE IT KNOWN that by means of buying, purchasing, accepting as a gift or sample, and therefore holding, possessing or owning foreign currency (such as the Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, and Chinese Yuan) there exists a very direct risk of the holder/owner being unable to convert the currency, or to exchange it back into US Dollars. Therefore, there exists the very real risk of a total financial loss as the bearer may not be able to convert their currency collection back into US dollars, or they may not be able to find a purchaser of their currency collection. it is for this reason, that collecting foreign currencies for any reason may not suitable for all collectors.

Cheapest Dinar, PayDay Currencies and this website advises all of our members NOT to buy currency as an investment opportunity, investment resource, income stream, gamble or because of a speculated increase in value. Collecting world currencies is a very intriguing and fascinating hobby and passion, and one can find themselves consumed in it without realizing it. For his reason, we urge all people to collect currencies and other like items responsibly.

It is unknown to anyone, and completely unpredictable to know when, or if a change in value in any currency is going to occur. It is very possible, and likely that an increase of value in any currency will NEVER happen, and therefore purchasing foreign currencies should always be conducted strictly for collectible purposes. Additionally, a change in value in any currency does not automatically suggest an increase in value, as any currency could easily lose value as well. Our members should conduct their own research on any currency they are considering purchasing, before making any purchase. We strongly advise against our customers giving attention to, or taking credit in any rumors or hype concerning any currency value that may be presented on the internet or elsewhere as these types of rumors are almost always incorrect.

We do not promise, suggest, indicate or convey in any manner, nor do we ourselves claim to believe that there will ever be a revaluing or re-denominating of any currency we offer or sell. By purchasing our currency, services or products, you agree that you understand that these are NOT investment items or investment opportunities. Additionally, you agree that by purchasing any item or service we sell, that you promise to use said product or service strictly as a collectible item and for collectible purposes, and that your intended use of our products is not for investment reasons.

cheapest dinarCustomers are the life and blood of our Company, so you as the customer are ALWAYS our number one priority! Your concerns and interests are always our secondary concern, and second ONLY to the attention and care given to your financial safety with every transaction!

With over 15 years of business experience and related services, we know first hand the importance of giving every member the individual attention they expect and deserve!

We treat all of our members as individuals! Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, online security and overall value is what sets us apart from other sellers. Our Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, Zimbabwe Dollar and Indian Rupee may be the same as our competitors, but our member services are second to none.

We're not all about the sale hype and propaganda, we're about a reputable service. We ask you to read our customer reviews, don't just take our word for it. We invite you to try us out, become a member and see for yourselves what we're all about.

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